BMW 335i

The first ECU reflash for the BMW 335i that lets you keep the vehicle’s warranty has just been released by BMW tuner Dinan. The US$1,999 reflash gives you 384 horsepower at 5,700rpm and 570Nm of torque at 4,300rpm.

While the 3.0 litre inline-6 twin turbocharged engine’s new torque curve isn’t as flat as the original – 1,300rpm up to 5,000rpm, it’s a good 170Nm more than the original 400Nm. Horsepower is also up by 82, compared to the stock engine’s 302 (306 PS).

This is good news for those who haven’t jumped the Vishnu Procede ECU reflash software bandwagon yet, as that one will void the warranty on your car.

The only requirement is that the 335i in question needs to have an original BMW or DINAN oil cooler installed – some of them do (mostly manuals and sport-package equipped autos) and some do not, rather risky of BMW engineers to do for a turbocharged car.