Europestar RCR

348 units of completely built up Proton GEN2 cars are already on their way to China, having left the port today. This is the second shipment, with an initial batch of 60 already delivered earlier this month. Proton expects to ship a total of 1,600 CBU units by the end of January 2008. A total of 1,500 Proton GEN2s per month will be shipped over the next 20 months – a total of over 30,000 units. In addition, the first shipment of spare parts worth RM2 million has already been delivered.

The Proton GEN2 has undergone 6 months of testing in China in order to obtain the China Compulsory Certification, which includes build quality, crash test, safety, fitting, and component tests. It will be sold under the EuropeStar name in China – more details on that in the related posts linked below.

Bookings for the Europestar-badged Proton GEN2 in the Chinese market has reached 1,600 units so far.

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