volvologoleft.jpgThe French court fined Swedish carmaker Volvo a sum of 200,000 Euros because allegedly the faulty brakes of a Volvo 850 TDI caused an accident which claimed two lives and injured one.

The accident happened nearly a decade ago in June 1999 in Wasselone, northeast France. It involved a schoolteacher who was 49 years old at the time. The schoolteacher knocked into three children on a pavement with her Volvo 850 TDI.

The schoolteacher was fined 300 Euros, send to jail for six months and got her driving license suspended for a year. She claimed that her Volvo 850 TDI’s brakes felt rigid and she could not stop in time.

Volvo is appealing against the court decision and rejects the theory that the accident was caused by a mechanical defect on the Volvo 850 TDI. It’s quite interesting to observe how the law system works in truly developed countries.