This is the most powerful tune-up of the Ferrari F430 from Novitec Rosso to date, and it is given the name F430 Race. We saw a 656 horsepower version just last year, but Novitec Rossi is back with a 707 horsepower monster thanks to the two superchargers slapped onto the Ferrari F430’s V8 engine. The 707 horses kicks in fully at 8,350rpm, while torque is rated at a peak of 712Nm at 6,300rpm, giving the Novitec Rosso Ferrari F430 Race a 0 to 100km/h time of 3.5 seconds.

The 4.3 litre V8’s two belt-driven superchargers gets upgraded turbine vanes and boost upped to 0.48 bar, which seems rather low but already very decent for the engine thats been force induction, considering the high revs and the high compression ratio. The blown air gets cooled by water-cooled intercoolers, one for each supercharger. Air is sucked in via a new heat-insulated intake manifold with larger ports, and high-performance air filters. On the exhaust side, low-pressure performance catalysts and a high performance stainless-steel exhaust system designed by Novitec Rosso ensures minimal restrictions.

The car rides on 20 inch wheels instead of the standard 19 inchers, and the tyres used are 235/30ZR20 at the front and 325/25ZR20 at the rear from Pirelli. The suspension system is a Novitec Rosso system, which can be raised by 40mm at the push of a button to get past curbs, driveway entries and speed bumps. Once the speed goes past 80km/h, the suspension will lower back to its normal setting automatically, which is 35mm lower than the production F430. This means the car can be raised up to 5mm higher than a production F430.

Prices start at 193,277 Euros for the base version. For existing Ferrari F430 owners, a conversion kit is priced at 51,260 Euros.

Look at more photos after the jump, and also a video featuring the previous F430 tune-up which produces 656 horses.

VIDEO: Novitec Rosso Ferrari F430 Bi-Compression Evoluzione (656hp)

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