Chery Tiggo

Chery Alado Holdings Sdn Bhd will assemble 5,000 Chery vehicles at Oriental Assembler Sdn Bhd’s assembly plant in Johor in the next 12 months beginning July 2008, with 60% intended for ASEAN export and the remainder for the local market. Chery Alado Holdings Sdn Bhd is a 50:50 joint venture between Alado Corp Sdn Bhd and China’s Chery Automobile Co Ltd.

Chery intends to make Malaysia its right hand drive production hub for the ASEAN market, and this first stage investment includes a total amount of US$12 million (RM38.5 million). According to Alado president Tan Sri Cam Soh Thiam Hong, the second phase is for export to Commonwealth countries and European right hand drive countries.

Oriental Assemblers Sdn Bhd also assembles CKD Hyundai vehicles in Malaysia. Chery vehicles to be assembled are 2 variants of the Chery B14 MPV (B200 2.0 litre and B240 2.4 litre), as well as the 2.0 litre Chery Tiggo T11 SUV (shown above). The Chery B240 and Chery Tiggo launched in Malaysia last year priced at RM132,972.20 and RM80,292 respectively are CBU units, so the new CKD units will most probably be cheaper.

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