Honda has revealed details on a few hybrid cars it will be producing over the next few years. One will be a hybrid version of the new Honda Fit, known as the Honda Jazz on our local shores. Honda wants to price the hybrid version of the Fit at a premium of a maximum of US$2,000 over the regular version of the Fit.

That could translate to about RM20,000 here in Malaysia: would you pay RM120,000 for a little zippy hybrid car, in face of the impending rises in fuel prices? This should be quite an exciting proposition if it ever makes it to our local shores. Unfortunately, this is only expected to be released in 2015, which should mean the hybrid Fit/Jazz will come in the form of the third generation car. We’ve yet to get the second generation here in Malaysia.

The other hybrid vehicle (one closer to reality compared to the Fit Hybrid) will be a dedicated hybrid-only 5-door 5-seater hatchback model aimed to be relatively affordable, due next year. Honda will design this hybrid vehicle to look like a smaller version of the Honda FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, so that consumers would easily identify it as a hybrid. Surveys have shown that hybrid vehicle buyers want their vehicle to look like a futuristic car because they want to make a statement that they’re into preserving the environment. Full product details will be announced later this year.

A third hybrid vehicle will be a production version of the Honda CR-Z compact sports car displayed at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, using a hybrid powertrain. The final car to be released in the next few years is the next generation Honda Civic Hybrid, expected to arrive in 2011 or 2012 after the release of the “regular” next generation Civic.