Honda FCX Clarity

The Honda FCX Concept is a very interesting car indeed, Honda’s second fuel cell vehicle concept after the original FCV Concept, and now it has been put into a limited run production and named the Honda FCX Clarity.

The limited run production is exclusively for southern California in the US. This is because there is already an existing hydrogen fueling station infrastructure there – 19 between Oxnard and San Diego with 3 more in the works. Even in northern California there are 6 hydrogen stations, with 6 more in the works.

Honda plans for the first delivery to take place in summer 2008, but details of the lease programme will only be known closer to launch. Tentatively, plans are for a three-year lease term with a price of US$600 per month (approx RM2050), including maintenance and insurance.

Honda decided to add the Clarity name behind the FCX concept name to express the idea that the company is offering a clear solution to the challenges of the future in terms of sustainable mobility. Mechanically, it is pretty much similiar to the FCX Concept. There has been a minor increase in power if I am reading the spec tables right – the motor used to put out 95kW but now it is putting out 100kW, or 136 PS. The V Flow fuel cell stack works similiarly and puts out the same 100kW as before – so I am not sure why the extra 5kW was missing from the FCX Concept before.

For full technical details on how the Honda FCX Clarity works, read my previous article on my experience driving the Honda FCX Concept in the linked article below.

More photos of the production Honda FCX Clarity can be found after the jump, including photos of the new updated interior which is more production-ready than the concept-like interior in the FCX Concept.

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