Nissan ECO Pedal

Most manufacturers encourage fuel efficient driving behaviour by rewarding the driver with a little indicator whenever the driver is driving in a fuel efficient manner. Honda uses a little green ECO light, and BMW has the classic real time fuel consumption analog meter to show how much fuel you’re using.

Nissan Motor Co is taking this one step further by developing an “ECO pedal”, which is an accelerator pedal that will push back the driver’s foot when it senses excess pressure according to driving conditions that could lead to poor fuel economy. This may annoy the driver if he is really in a hurry to go somewhere so this ECO pedal feature will have an option to turn it off.

According to Nissan, the ECO pedal combined with a real time fuel consumption display on the instrument cluster could reduce fuel consumption by between 5 to 10 percent depending on driving conditions, purely by encouraging better driving habits.