Aston Martin One-77
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Aston Martin has jumped onto the ultra exclusive supercar bandwagon, and this Aston Martin One-77 you see above like its namesake is one of 77 that will be built. I trust that Aston Martin will have no problems making it look extremely sexy as with all of their existing products, so let’s have a look at its other features.

The One-77 will have a body hand-made with aluminium, and a carbon fiber chassis underneath it. This means it will likely be very light and nimble, and propelling it to 100km/h in roughly 3.5 seconds will be a monstrous 7.0 litre V12 engine.

Now if any premium car manufacturer wants to create a supercar I highly recommend they take this path instead of the overweight giant that is the Bugatti Veyron, no matter how many turbochargers that thing has. Something like the One-77 feels so much more special. Aston Martin’s press release did not state a price but with only 77 units available, some are quoting prices of about 1 million pounds.