American-based auto maker Ford has revealed that it will present a tri-fuel Ford Mondeo at the Leipzig Motor Show which will run from March 28th till April 2009 this year. This tri-model, as the title suggests, can be fueled with a mixture of gasoline, bio-ethanol (E85) as well as LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas. This means that the standard Mondeo with its 2.0 litre Duratec gasoline engine comes fitted with an additional 48.8-litre tank to supply LPG, while gasoline and bio-ethanol shares a 70-litre tank.

Ford also revealed that the Mondeo with the tri-fuel feature can deliver up to 1,300 kilometers in terms of driving range when all three fuel types are used. Out of the 1,300 kilometers of range, 460 kilometers is contributed by LPG while the balance is contributed by a mixture of gasoline and bio-ethanol. Power output wise, the auto maker mentioned that with a mixture of gasoline and bio-ethanol, the 2.0 litre powerplant is able to produce 145HP, and while running on LPG, it can output 141HP, which is pretty decent actually.

Available in sedan, five-door liftback and in station wagon forms, the Tri-Fuel Ford Mondeo will go on sale in selected European markets from April this year, with prices in Germany starting from 27,500 Euros, which means this fuel efficient variant is cheaper by 250 Euros than the diesel-powered Ford Mondeo TDCi with 140HP.