Honda Fit

Japan’s Nikkei business daily reports that the Honda Fit Hybrid (Honda Jazz Hybrid) will be launched a full 18 months ahead of schedule in autumn 2010, which is about 5 quarters from now. Nikkei further added that Honda has set a target price tag of 1.5 million Japanese Yen, which translates to only about just over RM55k, and target sales of over 50,000 units annually.

That would make it Honda’s cheapest hybrid so far, with the Honda Insight starting from 1.89 million Japanese Yen while the competing Prius starts at 2.05 million Japanese Yen all the way up to 3.27 million Japanese Yen for higher spec versions. The old 2nd generation Prius is still on sale in Japan as the Prius EX, with a price tag that intentionally matches the Insight at 1.89 million Japanese Yen.

Honda’s most expensive hybrid in Japan is the Honda Civic Hybrid, which has a price tag starting from over 2.2 million Japanese Yen. As of end January 2009, Honda has sold over 300,000 Hybrid cars worldwide, with the bulk being the Civic Hybrid at over 255,000 units. Asia-Oceania (the region ASEAN and Malaysia is in) represented just 5,514 units out of that, with the most Civic Hybrids sold in US – over 191,000.

There was also an Accord Hybrid in the previous generation Accord family in the US which sold 28,471 units in the US, using a 3.0 V6 engine with variable cylinder management mated to a 14kW electric motor.