Old Man

BMW’s Emergency Stop Assistant project is part of The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s SmartSenior program, which aims to develop intelligent services to make the lives of senior citizens easier and safer. BMW’s system is of course designed to make it safer for senior citizens to drive.

As you know, as we get older more and more health problems start to appear. Some older people may develop intermittent cardiovascular problems, and this may also apply to young people if they are unlucky or live an unhealthy lifestyle. What if you get a heart attack while driving, something that really might just happen considering the kind of traffic and bandits you have to deal with on Malaysian roads on a daily basis.

The BMW Emergency Stop Assistant system automatically activates an autonomous driving mode when it detects that the driver has a serious medical problem (through the use of driver vital sensors), and carries out a controlled emergency stop. It uses sensors around the car to detect the traffic around it to maneuver carefully to the outer edge of the road with the hazard lights on before stopping. BMW ConnectedDrive then performs and emergency call for medical and traffic assistance.