Reports worldwide are indicating that Japanese auto maker Toyota, will revive the Supra, and that a production model could hit dealerships by 2011. The news was first fueled back in 2007, when the auto maker previewed the FT-HS Concept car the Detroit Auto Show.

Now, words are being exchanged again regarding the revival of the Nissan Skyline-fighter. Apparently, the new Supra would be powered by a Lexus-sourced 2GR-VSE 3.5-litre V6, that will be paired with a hybrid system, sourced from the Toyota Crown.

While the previous Supra produced up to 320HP from it’s 2JZ-GTE inline-6 twin turbo powerplant (depending on the market), the replacement model could produce more than 400HP, when mated to the hybrid system. Expect the auto maker to showcase a concept at this year’s motor show in Tokyo. Keep your fingers crossed!