Smart WheelsBuying a car is probably your second biggest purchase in life, if not first. So, it is normal to mull over a decision repeatedly until you get the slightest hint of comfort and assurance. Perhaps some hard facts would help.

Every one of us probably knows at least one person who made a car purchase decision based on misguided facts, or they simply did not know how to choose a car that meets their needs. They end up regretting their purchase later, but by that time it is too late and they are already saddled with a burden of a 5 year or up to even 9 year loan!

Soon we’ll have Smart Wheels, a microportal that will provide relevant tips and information for potential car buyers that aim to help them to make informed decisions. Smart Wheels will feature a series of stories that will guide you through a car purchase process and what to look out for when you purchase a car. It is an initiative by Honda but remains an independent portal that does not endorse any car brand in specific.

There will also be a Q&A section where you can ask questions and clear up any uncertainties related to your car purchase.

So watch out next week for Smart Wheels on the 11th of July!