Mitsubishi Lancer
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A new facelift for the Mitsubishi Lancer is scheduled to be released sometime this week and as a teaser, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia have posted a teaser image on the frontpage of their website. The teaser reveals the new Lancer through a moving shroud but I’ve managed to piece together the whole car so you can have a clearer view.

The Lancer sedan has a new front end with a cleaner front bumper, somewhat like the cleaner look that the Lancer Evolution’s bumper has. If you think it looks familiar, it’s basically the same bumper that can be found on the 5-door Lancer Sportback.

The original Lancer bumper put more prominence on the bumper area that flows between the upper grille and lower grille. Given that so many people just loves to paint the center piece black to emulate the Evolution’s style, Mitsubishi seems to have done this for them from the factory. The look is complete with a trim piece surrounding the grille as a whole, top to bottom.