Above is my pledge for 090909 – one of the many acts that so Malaysians do on a daily basis that can be very dangerous especially at a busy junction. 090909 is MUFORS day (Malaysians Unite For Road Safety), an effort set up to promote better road safety for Malaysians, especially since it’s going to be balik kampung season soon as people travel to their hometowns to visit their extended family.

Having experienced driving overseas for more than once over the years of running this blog, I can really say that driving overseas is a more relaxing experience because of the significantly better road manners of the motorists there, which I suspect is because of the massively high traffic fines, and you could also lose your license more easily there.

Concepts such as the Autobahn would never work here in Malaysia even if the highways were smooth and straight enough because so many people cannot even keep to their lanes – slowly drifting into the middle of two lanes while you mosey along at 60km/h seems to be the order of the day for alot of weird drivers here.

So you can imagine barreling down the highway at 140km/h and then suddenly having to slam on your brakes because someone wandered into your lane. On the Autobahn I can take a BMW up to speeds of nearly 200km/h without ever worrying that someone would suddenly cut into the lane in front of me. It’s common sense there.

Basically at the MUFORS website you can submit your road safety pledge in text form, in photo form as I have in the photo above, or even as a video. There’s also an opinion poll where you can vote the top 5 Malaysia driving habit annoyances. Believe me, there are so many choices it’s hard to pick the 5 most annoying.

The boys at MUFORS are trying to hit 250,000 pledges by 09/09/09 but there are only just over 400 pledges now. So do your bit and please submit a pledge and show support for the site! :)