Caltex Techron

Caltex officially launched their Premium 95 fuel with Techron late last month at the Caltex station in Sunway. RON95 is now available at Caltex stations nationwide. The new fuel will replace the Caltex Silver with Techron which is a RON92 fuel, and the Caltex Gold with Techron fuel will be renamed Premium 97 with Techron.

Some of you actually had some questions in the blog comments of the previous story on Caltex Techron, such as whether the local Techron formula is the same as the Techron fuel in the USA sold by Chevron. Here are some answers from Caltex:

1. Is there any difference between Techron in Premium 95 and in your RON97 fuel?

The Techron ingredient in 92, 95 or 97 is the same and gives the same level of performance in each grade.

2. Is the Techron formula for our market the same as the one used overseas in countries like the US, etc?

Yes, it’s the same formula and level of performance that was the first to be recognized as “Top Tier” by Honda, GM, Toyota, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen.

3. What properties does the Techron additive have?

Techron has been designed to provide fast & effective cleanup of the engine intake system (manifold, ports & valves) as well as the fuel metering system (fuel injectors or carburetor) and to keep those critical parts clean. It is able to clean up port fuel injectors in ONE tank.

4. I understand polyetheramine is one of the ingredients in Techron. What is polyetheramine?

Polyetheramine (PEA) is one of the main detergents in Techron. It’s designed to control intake valve deposits, port deposits and fuel metering deposits to maintain smooth engine operation, power & exhaust emissions. It accomplishes this without significantly contributing to combustion chamber deposits (CCD) unlike most other fuel additives. Low CCD helps minimize octane requirement increase which can reduce power in some vehicles equipped with knock sensors. PEA also eliminates any possibility of harm in the crankcase.

5. Any other tips on how to keep your engine clean? Is it true that once in a while you have to drive your car a little harder than usual to clean off those deposits?

Always use gasoline that contains a powerful detergent with high efficacy, like Techron, on a continuous basis. The second statement is a myth.

6. Since RON97 has been repositioned as a premium unsubsidised fuel by the government, is Caltex going to upgrade their RON97 fuel to something performance-based like V-Power?

There’s always this possibility and it greatly depends on customers’ requirements and demands.

Premium 95 with Techron had actually made its debut at the Caltex Bandar Utama station on the 5th of August 2009. It is now available at 40 Caltex stations nationwide.