Alex Yoong

More updates on the new 1Malaysia F1 Team / Team Lotus / Litespeed / whatever you want to call it. Alex Yoong is going to be involved, but not as a driver. Tony Fernandes hinted that he would most likely come in as a “deputy team principal” (to handle the team while he is busy with Tune and AirAsia stuff), and could potentially be a candidate for team principal in the future since Tony previously said his intention is to step down before the 2010 season ends. And of course as most of you already know, the RM168 million initial amount invested by the team’s investors (the Tune folks and SM Nasarudin) will not be enough – its currently on an intensive hunt for sponsors. Amongst parties approached include Petronas, Genting, and MAS. The team hopes for the race car to be ready by February 2010 for testing at the SIC.