MUGEN Euro has confirmed that it will roll out 20 Honda Civic Type Rs prepped by the tuner. Each will be powered by a 2.0 litre i-VTEC engine capable or producing 240 PS (Civic Type R sedan sold in Malaysia is capable of 225 PS). Major Improvements made to the powerplant include new camshafts, a modified intake system, a custom stainless steel exhaust system as well as a bespoke Mugen map for the ECU.

MUGEN also worked its magic on the handling by improving the suspension set-up with custom-made springs and dampers. The Type R Mugen also comes with a limited slip differential. Stopping power has been improved with bespoke four-piston mono-block racing brake calipers. There are also high-density, lightweight forged alloy wheels.

Exterior wise the Civic Type R MUGEN is treated to a large rear wing, new front and rear skirts, a new grille wearing the MUGEN emblem and a Championship White body finish. The colour is Honda’s the traditional racing colour that was first seen on the brand’s 1964 Formula 1 car. Buyers can also opt for a Track Pack that is made up by Recaro front seats, water and oil temperature/pressure gauges, data recording equipment and track-ready road-legal tires. However the package will take away the rear seat bench to help reduce weight.

The Honda Civic Type R MUGEN will cost £38,599 and each of the Type Rs will be built to the buyer’s exact specification. In fact, the ECU mapping can be adjusted to suit specific customer tastes or driving style.