Volkswagen claims their new Volkswagen Up! Lite Concept consumes just 2.44 litres per 100km while putting out just 65 g/km of CO2 emissions.

It achieves these numbers by combining a small 800cc turbodiesel TDI engine, an electric motor, a 7-speed DSG gearbox, a low weight of just 695kg and an aerodynamics drag coefficient value of 0.237 Cd.


The body is immediately familiar as being pretty much from the same mould as cars like the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius.

It seems that this shape is the most aerodynamically-efficient of all so it is used very often in cars that focus on fuel efficiency and low emissions. The Up! Lite is 3,840mm long, 1,400mm tall and 1,600mm wide. That’s over 100mm shorter than the Polo. It’s also shorter and slimmer than the Polo.


These photos show barely any openings at the front, and this reduces aerodynamic drag. The radiator grille actually opens and closes automatically according to the TDI hybrid systems cooling needs.

And instead of side mirrors, you get the now typical concept car use of cameras to replace the function of your good old mirrors.


The electric motor is rated at 10kW and functions as both a starter, alternator and an electric drive module. Both the TDI motor (which can produce 51 PS) and the 10kW electric motor can produce a combined output of 65 PS.

The Up! Lite can also run with the TDI engine complete shut off, with power for the electric motor drawn from a lithium ion battery pack. To round it all off, there is an auto start-stop system naturally. With such power figures and a focus on fuel economy you can’t expect blazing performance and as such the 0 to 100km/h acceleration time is just 12.5 seconds.


The Up! Lite looks quite close to production from the outside actually, though the interior is still quite futuristic. I’m curious if we’ll see a near-direct translation to a production model in the near future. It would be Volkswagen’s competitor for the likes of the Ford Ka.

When the Scirocco was previewed as a concept, it was called the IROC, which is basically the few middle alphabets in the Scirocco name. If we use that as some sort of guide for an educated guess, are we looking at the new Volkswagen Lupo here?

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