German tuner Wimmer RS has unveiled this 386bhp Mk6 Volkswagen Golf GTI, which it describes as a “weapon”. By adding a new turbo and intercooler, tweaks to the intake, exhaust and manifold, a modified fuel pump and opening up the TSI engine for major surgery (new injection valves, piston rod, ECU update), the Solingen based outfit also managed to massage 455Nm of torque from the GTI’s EA888 motor, which in stock form produces 207bhp (210PS) and 280Nm of torque.

We certainly agree with the weapon description – Wimmer RS’s innocent looking GTI could potentially wipe out not only other sports cars, but its driver as well! The standard GTI is already a very fast car with urgent acceleration and we can’t imagine how the tuner can channel those newfound horses to the tarmac, through the front wheels. Max speed is now 267km/h (from 240km/h) but amazingly there’s no mention of uprated brakes! Of lesser consequence is a height adjustable coilover suspension set and Motec Antares wheels wrapped with Dunlop Sport Maxx GT rubber.

How much is too much? When your car is harder to tame than a rodeo bull! We’re trying to get a test unit of the Mk6 Golf GTI (in standard form, of course) so stay tuned for a test drive report!