Following the purchase of 19.9% of Suzuki, Volkswagen has wasted little time in executing its masterplan. Back then, VW said: “both parties are focused on achieving synergies in the areas of rapidly growing emerging markets as well as in the development and manufacturing of innovative and environmentally friendly compact cars”. Now, VW and Suzuki have revealed that they will be working together on hybrid and electric car projects in India.

The two companies are looking at establishing an R&D centre in the Subcontinent, and it’s likely to be on current Suzuki premises. VW has an arsenal of efficient drivetrains while Suzuki has plenty of small cars in all shapes and sizes. The latter also has a fuel cell programme going on. Will the Volkswagen Up! Lite Concept soon be reality?

It will be interesting to see the fruits of this marriage take shape, and how affordable they can make it to be. Millions of Indians adopting green cars will not only be good for VW and Suzuki, but the rest of the world, as the booming nation is set to be one of the top emitters of greenhouse gases.