Now here’s something quite worth looking at from BYD. This large hatchback is the BYD e6, and with a wheelbase of 2,830mm, its placed smack in the middle of the D-segment, making it about the same size as an Asian market Honda Odyssey. That should mean lots of space inside and a decent boot (not much of a rear overhang there), considering it is a 5 seater. I believe you can compare this to a Toyota Venza.

The e6 is an electric car, but what’s particularly amazing about it is that BYD claims a range of 330km (based on the spec sheet given at the NAIAS, there were also reports of 400km before this) before you have to get the e6 to a charger! That should solve any issues people have with electric car range.

Sure, it might still not be able to do cross-state journeys with completely no worries but the range is surely enough for regular daily commutes without even needed to recharge everyday. BYD themselves are a battery manufacturer so this must have helped them with the know-how of how to make an EV that’s ready for day-to-day needs.

The BYD e6 uses two electric motors. In this particular model, there is only a front motor and the front motor has a power and torque output of 101hp and 450Nm. Apparently there is also a version with a rear motor for all-wheel drive. The rear motor adds another 54hp to the total output. A higher-grade option has also been mentioned, upgrading the front motor to 215hp either in front-only or front+back (215+54) configuration.

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