Better safer than sorry. In the wake of safety issues affecting auto makers, with the most high profile one being Toyota, other manufacturers are not waiting for something to happen before issuing a recall. The latest to join the party is Mitsubishi, involving the 2004 Endeavor SUV and 2010 Galant sedan in the US market. These cars could have corrosion issues that can cause flammable fluids to leak. This recall affects about 56,113 Endeavors and 2,307 Galants across America.

For the SUV, the issue is salt, road salt used to “de-ice” roads in winter to be precise. The road salt, when mixed with other debris, can become trapped between the Endeavor’s fuel filler pipe and reinforcing bracket, leading to possible corrosion and a fuel leak.

For the Galant, the oil cooler pipe for the automatic gearbox on some vehicles may have insufficient corrosion-preventing plating. Rust can lead to a hole where ATF fluid can leak out. The recall exercise starts in March for the Galant and July for the Endeavor, and will not cost owners a cent, of course.

Local owners need not demand Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia to explain – both models aren’t sold here and while we have plenty of potholes, our roads are not full of salt.