Nissan starts March production in Thailand

Nissan Motor Thailand (NMT) has announced that the new Nissan March will be the first model offered for sale under Thailand’s “eco-car” program, created to encourage the development of energy-efficient vehicles. Still fresh from its Geneva debut, production has started and the car will be launched at the Bangkok motor show on March 26.

Designed to appeal to both developed and emerging markets, the March is built on a new platform. It will come with a new 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder engine with 78 bhp/108 Nm. Nissan’s Thai dealers have begun accepting bookings, and vehicle delivery will start within a few weeks for the five-speed manual version. The CVT variant will reach buyers in June. The price range is from 375,000 baht to 537,000 baht.

Nissan starts March production in Thailand

Our northen neighbour will join China, India and Mexico as global manufacturing hubs for the March (known as the Micra in some markets), which ultimately will be offered in 160 countries. NMT will export the March to countries in the Asian and Oceania markets, according to Toshiyuki Shiga, COO of Nissan Motor Co.

As a recap, to obtain eco car status, a car has to achieve at least 20 km/l and emit less than 120g/km of CO2. Engine capacity must not exceed 1.3 litres if petrol-powered and 1.4 litres for diesels. The manufacturer is rewarded with a 50% cut in excise duty, no income tax for eight years and no import duty for factory machinery imports.

Live images of the March from the Geneva show is after the jump.

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