F800 Concept

Apparently the B-Class AMG we talked about right below this story isn’t exactly going to be a B-Class AMG, according to a new story by Auto Express. What AMG will actually be doing is developing a compact “CLS lite” about 4,500mm long based on the next generation B-Class chassis. That’s just slightly shorter than an E90 BMW 3-Series.

The car is known internally in AMG as the C117 EVO and is expected to be priced around £30,000, much cheaper than the £50,000 C63 AMG. Although the earlier Automotive News report says the car is likely to have a high performance four cylinder engine, Auto Express reports that the car will be a “32” AMG car, powered by a 3.2 litre Comprex pressure wave supercharged V6.


GALLERY: Mercedes-Benz F800 Concept
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