Honda has revealed the latest prototype of its EV-neo electric scooter and announced plans to begin lease sales in Japan by the end of this year to businesses that provide delivery services.

The EV-neo was designed with the durability required for commercial use, and when the maker of the Honda Cub says it’s durable, we’ll take their word for it. Powered by a Toshiba lithium-ion battery and a brushless motor, the EV-neo provides zero emissions commuting of “over 30km per charge”. This figure is calculated at 30 km/h on a flat road, so real world range should be less than that. 30 km isn’t much, which explains the delivery service target market. In Japan, these businesses need transport to move about swiftly in crowded inner cities, and don’t cover long distances.

About 80% of the battery capacity will be charged in 20 minutes (200V power source) with a quick charger. Using a normal charger, a full charge takes four hours (100V). Honda says the EV-neo provides performance equivalent to that of a 50cc gasoline engine motorcycle. The electric motor’s immediate response and strong low end torque should make it a nippy little thing to ride.

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