Russian company Marussia Motors displayed their ultra futuristic multi-purpose F2 SUV at the 22nd International Exhibition of Telecommunications Equipment, Control Systems, Information Technology and Communications Services, CSTB-2010 in Moscow. Multi-purpose because the company claims that the F2 can do good as an army, fire department, emergency squad, police or mobile operation control centre vehicle.

Interior adaptability is the key of the F2’s flexibility as the spacious cabin can be moulded to fit any specialist equipment. The exterior looks commanding as it has a very muscular, almost brutish but streamlined and modern at the same time. The F2 also boasts excellent infotainment credentials such as Bluetooth connectivity, GPS and TV, and it’s also future proofed to accommodate any new technology, as flexibility is the selling point of this car.

Marrusia is one of the sponsors of the Virgin Racing F1 Team. They also have a car that looks as if it can eat the Veyron for breakfast. The aluminium-kevlar bodied B2 weighs only 850 kg and is powered by a 300 bhp Cosworth V6. 0-100 km/h in 3.2 seconds! You can see a glimpse of the B2 in one of the pictures in the gallery after the jump.

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