Here’s a good solution for an oil filter – user friendly and easy to recycle. Chevrolet will be using this cartridge style oil filter for the Cruze (not sure if it’s applicable to our market) which makes it easy to replace compared to conventional steel canister style oil filters – drip free and from the top of the engine. While we usually let the service centers handle changing the filter here in Malaysia, a filter that is easily replaceable is something good to have in the US where there is a DIY culture thanks to high labour costs.

It will be seen in the US Cruze’s two engines – 1.4 Ecotec Turbo (138 bhp/200 Nm) and 1.8 Ecotec (136 bhp/167 Nm). Made only from paper and plastic, it’s easy to recycle. Recycling canister style filters requires the metal housing and other elements, like the rubber seal, be cut away or separated.

The housing for the cartridge style filter is part of the engine and never needs replacing. The housing also has a screw-on replaceable cap that eliminates the conventional canister-to-engine mating surface which is a potential source of leaks.

The much delayed Chevrolet Cruze will be the first car launched in Malaysia under the brand’s new handlers, Naza.