When speed is in your blood, it doesn’t matter what machinery you’re on, even if going fast on two wheels isn’t quite the same as doing it on four. Valentino Rossi, the undisputed king of MotoGP is one such person. He regularly tests Ferrari F1 cars, posting times that aren’t far away from what the guys who make a living from F1 do.

And because of that, he has always been linked with a possible switch of sport to F1, and more specifically, the Scuderia. However, the MotoGP man was recently quoted as saying that he would not want to be one of the two main drivers in Ferrari’s line up, which goes hand in hand with Ferrari’s push to have three car entries on the F1 grid.

“To have a strong team like Yamaha’s (in MotoGP), Ferrari should hire Sebastian Vettel alongside Alonso, I would like to explore the possibility of a third car for myself,” Rossi told Italian sports paper La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Over the Italian GP weekend at Mugello, Rossi crashed during practice and suffered a fractured leg. The Doctor had four screws inserted into his leg in the first operation and he will undergo a second operation today. It will be some time before he gets on a bike again, or a Formula 1 car.