Peugeot has unveiled a new concept car called the EX1, which will have a full reveal at the Paris Motor Show later this month. They probably wouldn’t admit it, but it looks like inspiration for this concept was drawn from the recent Batman films. Instead, the French automaker have stuck to the story that they were creating an “extreme dream car” with “exciting possibilities for electric power”.

Demonstrating this, the EX1 uses two electric motors connected mounted on each axle that collectively generate 340HP and 240Nm of constant torque. This makes it an all wheel drive vehicle. Peugeot went on to say that the EX1 is “capable of lightning acceleration” which “exceeds 1G of gravitational force.”

The electric four-wheeled tric uses the company’s new design language first seen on the SR1 concept car and the new 508. Optimal weight distribution was key as the size of the passenger compartment was reduced.

The concept which measures 1.77m wide and 0.90m high also employs a monocouque body structure manufactured from a carbon/honeycomb composite, for rigidity. The front uses a drop link double wishbone suspension while the rear comprises of a single swinging arm linked to centrally-mounted shock absorber.

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