This year’s Formula 1 contenders still have four races to battle out each other for both the Driver’s and Constructor’s Championships. However if recent reports are to be believed, that might not be the case. According to Bernie Ecclestone, it could possibly just be three races, worst-case scenario that is. This is after the Formula 1 boss admitted that there is a possibility that the Yeongam track will not be ready for its inaugural race on the 24th of October. Ecclestone said that the track didn’t pass its first crucial FIA inspection.

Apparently according to FIA rules, a new circuit should be inspected and given the green light 90 days before its scheduled race. It has now been reported that the next inspection will take place after Suzuka. This essentially means that the Formula 1 circus will actually be en route to Korea without even knowing if track conditions will be acceptable enough to hold a race. “It’s quite dangerous what we’ve done actually but it’s a case of ‘do we cancel the race or not?’ They say it’s all going to be OK, so we hope they are right,” Ecclestone speaking in a worried tone.