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The newly launched Volkswagen Polo is a great little car, introducing not just German car ownership, but the latest technology into this price range in the form of turbocharged downsizing and DSG. For just RM55 road tax per year, you get a sub-10 second 0-100 km/h time and a top speed of 190 km/h, which is quite amazing.

We’ve driven the Malaysian spec Polo 1.2 TSI already (click here for the review), and found that while the hardware is top notch (great drivetrain and safety, good quality cabin materials), it doesn’t look very premium, whether from the outside or from the driver’s seat. Volkswagen Group Malaysia has already done well to price the car below RM110K, and we understand that some sacrifices were needed to achieve that. It’s not a problem that can’t be fixed though.

Famous VW Group tuner ABT has aesthetic and engine upgrades for the Polo 1.2 TSI. The ABT Power kit raises power from 105 bhp to 140 bhp, now available from 4,500 rpm, 500 revs lower than stock. Torque is up from 175 Nm to a stout 220 Nm. While top speed remains, the Polo’s 0-100 km/h time has dropped from 9.7 seconds to just 8.8 seconds! That’s just 0.1 sec slower than a six-cylinder BMW 323i, if you need a benchmark.

There are also plenty of exterior parts to spice up the Polo. ABT has bodykits, wheels, as well as suspension and exhaust upgrades for the supermini. ABT, which is now under Federal Auto, opened a showroom in Glenmarie back in September. At that time, they only had parts for the Mk5/Mk6 Golf, Scirocco and Tiguan, but now with the Polo on sale, it should be just a matter of time before the parts come in.