I think all of us can agree that the 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid R Concept that Honda Performance Development is showcasing at this year’s SEMA is probably what the Honda CR-Z should have been instead of the anaemic 122 horsepower 1.5 litre production car.

The CR-Z Hybrid R Concept bolts a turbocharger onto the 1.5 litre engine, with the IMA motor assist system upgraded to one of a higher capacity as well. The result is 200 horsepower and about 238Nm of torque, which puts it around the same kind of output as a Civic Type R. Are we looking at the future of the Civic Type R?

As it is, the high revving normally aspirated 2.0 litre engine is being forced out of many first world markets as it is unable to keep up with increasingly difficult emission requirements. The CR-Z Hybrid R Concept uses two popular alternatives to pure normally aspirated power – turbocharging as well as hybrid motor assist. Honda has barely dabbled with a turbocharger in these modern days – it’s sole turbo engine is a 2.3 litre i-VTEC Turbo installed in an Acura SUV.

Honda has also added a performance clutch and a limited slip differential, as well as a ‘circuit tuned’ suspension, uprated brakes and a bodykit which promises better aerodynamics. Honda will be racing two CR-Z Hybrid R Concepts at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race in December, which will be a good proving ground for the abilities and reliability of the system.

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