Reaching the decade mark is quite an achievement for a motoring network and chose to mark the occasion with its very own time attack series, ‘Time to Attack,’ that will reach its climax this Sunday as the final round is flagged off.

The series consisted of three rounds thus far throughout the year that saw track aficionados from all walks of life bring their equally varied machines to the Sepang International Circuit to try and set the fastest lap in their respective class.

All that action, drama, hell-toe downshifts and spin outs will finally pay dividends for some as the final, and fourth round, ‘Time to Attack: The Finale’ takes place this Sunday, 12 December, at SIC.

That being said, making the drivers list for this Sunday is quite an achievement as it’s an invitation-only round with the fastest drivers from their respective categories from the first three rounds getting the coveted call-back. put up their very own Hall of Fame on the home page of the website that listed the top drivers in each respective category. That’s precisely what it comes down to this Sunday at Sepang, as the fastest drivers take to the asphalt to stake their claim for the fastest driver title as well as the top spot on the Hall of Fame.

The first round was a washout, quite litreally, as the skies opened and left the track drenched for most of the day. That being said, many cars were spinning out left, right and center due to the wet surface. Nonetheless, the fastest time of the day would actually hold its own until the third round, making it all the more amazing.

Farris Fauzy, piloting the Links Dyno Tune Nissan GT-R, set a time of 2:30:421, on a damp track. That time stayed top of the time sheets all throughout the second round as well, which is something to say the least as the second round had near perfect weather and a dry track.

While Farriz didn’t return in the second round to defend his time, he didn’t need to. The skies were bright and sunny, although it did drizzle a little at the end. The dry track looked like a good surface for the time to fall but at the end of the day, the fastest time was 2:31:813, set by drifter Ee Yoong Cherng in his drift-prepped Nissan Silvia S13, that was pretty much running a drift setup as well.

The third round was held as a last chance saloon for drivers to make the cut for the final, and the determination showed with lap times falling all over.

Right from the get-go, it was certain that the fastest time wasn’t going to survive another round. Right off the blocks, Ling Ken Ji, in his time attack prepped Garage R Nissan Silvia S15, set a blistering time of 2:28:720 to tear up the time sheets.

Even the rest of the field, especially the turbo 4WD cars, were inching closer to that time. A lot of the Imprezas and Evos were setting times in the 2:32 range.

As we the day came to an end, it seemed like Ken Ji’s time would be enough but the Kazama Autoworks boys kept saying they had it in them to win and true to their word, they nailed a quick lap right at the end of the session to take the top spot on the time sheets.

The Kazama Autoworks Honda Civic Type-R, with Lai Wee Sing behind the wheel, clocked in a scorching 2:28:249 to comfortably put Ken Ji in second and set the pace for the final round.

Although the Kazama Autoworks Civic Type-R is quite a different machine from the Links GT-R, it wasn’t an all-out track machine. While the GT-R had a street tune to it, with minor engine mods and street-biased tyres, the Type-R ran on full-slick tyres with some minor touches under the hood and chassis. Nonetheless, it didn’t have a rollcage or fully stripped interior, just the rear seats and panels removed to save that bit more weight.

As all that will come to a final showdown this Sunday, it will be an adrenaline-fueled day as the cream of the crop go out to separate the men from the boys.

Apart from that, there will also be a number of side events to complement the main show and get the crowd worked up. Before the time attack kicks off, there will be an open track day, dubbed ‘Track Attack,’ that will set the pace for the finals.

Following that is a GT-R drag race, inspired by the GT-R battles held during the Nismo Festival in Japan. Over 20 GT-R’s, some of the most powerful in the country, will be lining up for a sheer acceleration test to be the fastest of the GT-R’s.

So come catch the action this Sunday, 12 December 2010, at the Sepang International Circuit, to see the fastest drivers slug it out on track and some GT-Rs gun it down the straight. It’s free entry for spectators, so there’s no reason to miss the action.