Chevrolet’s new global C-segment vehicle the Cruze has been launched as a sedan and we recently saw GM file a patent for an Australian-designed 5-door hatchback version of the Cruze, but what about a Chevrolet Cruze 2-door coupe?

2-door coupes are still an important bodytype for the North American market – special 2-door coupe models of the Honda Civic, the Accord, the Toyota Camry are exclusively developed for the US for this reason. It’s no surprise that according to GM North America president Mark Reuss, a 2-door Cruze is “a nice idea” and it might just show up.

Above is Theophilus Chin‘s rendition of how a Chevrolet Cruze Coupe could look like. Imagine a sporty Cruze Coupe SS with the more sophisticated Euro version of the torsion beam powered by the 217 horsepower 350Nm 2.0 litre turbo from the Opel Insignia in the for hot coupe with a 6-speed manual transmission or even a warm version powered by the Opel Astra’s 178 horsepower 230Nm 1.6 Turbo Ecotec.

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