Sometimes, it’s easy to dismiss concept cars as flights of fancy that will never make production, at least not like how they look at motor shows. But cars like the Kia Soul and Nissan Juke prove otherwise after surviving the journey from show stand to showroom mostly intact. So while parts of this Kia KV7 Concept look rather impossible (gullwing doors on a van), it’s quite a cool machine to hangout in and shouldn’t be ruled out altogether.

The KV7 was designed by Kia’s California studio to transport a large number of people and their belongings, while also serving as a “connected social hub”. As such, the KV7’s interior has four swivelling seats, including the driver’s, and a rear-corner mini lounge with seating for three. There’s also a drinks table and plenty of natural light. The reclaimed teak wood flooring and bright colours make it a nice place chill out.

The concept is WiFi enabled, providing both the front and rear displays with Internet capabilities and the ability for multiple passengers to connect their smart phones to the vehicle. Now all we need is a coffee machine!

Looks wise, the KV7, in sharp contrast to the dramatically raked windshields and wedge-shaped noses common in the MPV segment, embraces the box. “From the outset, we felt the category was in need of an honest reassessment due to the fact that everyone seems so desperate to attach the word ‘sporty’ to their MPV even though MPVs, at their very core, are simply a box,” said Tom Kearns, Chief Designer at Kia Motors America. “Rather than reject the box we chose to celebrate it, just like we did with the Soul”.

This is how a modern day VW Kombi should be like. Gallery after the jump.

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