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Proton Edar has just launched a new campaign for the Persona called “Persona – Better, Undoubtedly” or “Sememangnya Lebih Sempurna” in BM. This campaign will see two new brand ambassadors, DJ Lin from Suria FM and Aanantha from THR Raaga, join current Persona Ambassador Jack Lim from MY FM in a five-month campaign that will engage Malaysians with the theme “inspiring confidence”.

These three radio personalities were chosen for their life experiences, besides the obvious 1Malaysia appeal (by the way, of all Proton models, the Persona’s buyer profile mirrors our country’s racial composition the closest). The trio, who were presented with their car keys (Jack already drives a Persona) at the event, will act as mentors, sharing life lessons and championing their own programmes.

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Suria’s DJ Lin is a single mother, and she will lead an empowerment programme to help other single mums overcome their challenges. Interestingly, she doesn’t own a driver’s license and is afraid of driving, but is taking on Proton’s challenge to get herself behind the wheel. “If not for this challenge, I will not have a license till I die,” she joked.

The outgoing Aanantha, who is also in a band, will be showing youngsters the importance of learning beyond text books, and how to boost self confidence. Actor/DJ Jack, who toiled for over a decade in the entertainment industry before making it big, will spread the “never give up” message, which he does quite well.

The trio also lead different lifestyles: Jack is a family man, Lin is a single mum and Aanantha is a “happy go lucky” guy, as described by Sidik Abd Hamid, GM of Proton Edar’s Marketing Division.

Sidek also shared that the Proton Persona is a “hero” car to him and “is a car that’s close to our hearts”. It was the car that started Proton’s turn towards achieving good quality. Launched at a time when the company was set back with a range that didn’t have a car that appealed to everyone (ageing Waja, limited appeal for hatchbacks Gen2, Savvy and Neo), the Persona was a breath of fresh air. “Everybody deserves a second chance,” he said.

If the Persona inspired Proton’s turnaround, now these three Persona Ambassadors will go out to inspire others with their live stories, and sell a few cars in the process!