Renault Sport, the sporting arm of Renault, has released a teaser video for what seems to be a hotter version of the Megane RS 250 Cup, which we absolutely adore in this office. The video asks us to look forward to June 17 for the reveal.

In this 1 minute 27 second clip, the boys from Dieppe are shown preparing a red Megane RS (with those sexy 19-inch spider wheels that are ill suited for our roads) for a run on the most challenging circuit in the world – the Nürburgring. The Megane is then seen blasting past the famous section of the ‘Ring where the tarmac is full of graffiti, seemingly digging into it with only three wheels!

Two men are named – Philippe Merimee, Suspension Setting Systems Manager and Laurent Hurgon, Development Driver – but perhaps the more significant cameo is that of the Megane R26.R, the hottest variant of the previous gen Megane. That limited edition stripped out version of the already excellent R26 established a new lap record for a FWD car at the ‘Ring with a time of 8m17s back in 2008.

If they use the same formula on the more powerful new Megane RS (250 hp/340 Nm vs 230 hp/310 Nm), that time is bound to be topped by the upcoming king hot hatch. By how much? We’ll know on June 17.