Small car is big news at the 2011 Indonesian International Motor Show, and besides the Daihatsu A-Concept that will be unveiled later in the day, Suzuki has a little green thing called the Concept-G. They call the colour Breezy Pasture Green Pearl, and the car is so green that the eco-friendly hue can be seen on the rims and lights as well. Ok guys, we get the message!

If it looks familiar, yes, the Concept-G is based on the Japanese market Suzuki Alto. This JDM Alto, which stays inside the 3.4-metre long and 1.48-metre wide kei car boundary, is a different car from the Suzuki Alto sold in Malaysia, which is made in India for the rest of the world. In Japan, Suzuki also makes the car for Mazda, which calls it Carol.

They’re not giving out any technical details for now, except that the engine is a K-series petrol unit. That’s not surprising, since there’s no need for a 660 cc engine outside of Japan, and the K-series is widely used by Maruti Suzuki in India, where the unit powers cars like the Swift and A-Star (Alto to us).

Last month, Jakarta Post reported that Suzuki will be investing up to US$800 million over the next few years to expand its business in Indonesia, which will act as its regional base. The same report says that Suzuki will set up a new plant in West Java while boosting production capacity at its existing plants in Tambun, Bekasi and West Java.

Will the Concept-G be part of Suzuki’s plans for the region? Live gallery after the jump.

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