Reader Kevin Ng snapped this white vehicle that looks somewhat like a Nissan Grand Livina and posted it up on our Facebook Fan Page wall. It had its badges taped up and had some kind of off-roader style bodykit, ala the Suzuki SX-4 or the Volkswagen Cross Polo.

But this isn’t a Grand Livina, it’s actually a variation of the Livina called the Livina X-Gear, which is available in Indonesia. The same vehicle is also sold in China as the Livina C-Gear.

The Grand Livina available here thus far is actually an extended Livina, where a third row of seats are added to make it a 7-seater. The Livina is a 5-seater. Both have a 2,600mm wheelbase though, as Nissan managed to cram in a third row via a lengthened rear overhang without having to lengthen the center section of the car.

As you can see, the section between the C pillar and the D pillar on this Livina is quite different from that of a Grand Livina – it is shorter and the rear window kink is differently shaped. You can click on the two pictures above to view a higher resolution image.

Look after the jump for a frontal studio shot of the Livina X-Gear.