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Nissan and Mitsubishi have yet again expanded the scope of their OEM supply agreements in the Japanese market. From next year, Nissan will provide the Fuga luxury sedan to Mitsubishi, to be rebadged and sold by the latter, and Mitsubishi is to provide its MINICAB-MiEV commercial mini EV to Nissan, also sometime in 2012.

The two new OEM project agreements are part of the core agreement signed in December 2010 to expand cooperation between the two companies, and follow on a prior agreement for Nissan to provide the NV200 Vanette compact van to Mitsubishi (rebadged as the Delica D:3) beginning this October, as well as the establishment of the NMKV minicar joint venture, which was announced in June 2011.

As an interesting aside, the Fuga was being bandied about as the Perdana replacement for top-level government use only, though speculation has pretty much dissipated with the announcement of the impending Proton-MMC collaboration. To think it could somehow pop up again in the picture, as a Mitsubishi, is improbable, all very far fetched.