Infiniti, which opened its second ASEAN outlet here in KL last week, announced at the Korean GP that it will expand its partnership with the Red Bull Racing F1 team for the 2012 season, seven months after the partnership began.

Next season will see more prominent Infiniti branding on the RBR F1 cars, with enhanced logos on the side of the chassis and cockpit top of the next generation car. Elsewhere, the Infiniti name and logo will also be expanded to new areas on the drivers’ overalls and team equipment.

Additionally, Infiniti and RBR is set to increase the global and market leverage of their partnership through more marketing and media activities throughout the year. The company will also continue to build on its personal agreement with Sebastian Vettel, who has already worked on several projects with it, including the launch of the Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel concept in Frankfurt in September.