Ads for the new Hyundai Elantra have started cropping up all over the city and the virtual world (even on this blog), but we’ve had no official word on the launch date, specs and pricing yet. However, a quick scour on to look for pre-launch ads posted by Hyundai Sime Darby Motors salesmen reveal the following:

  • Four specs – 1.6 litre manual, 1.6 litre automatic standard spec, 1.6 litre automatic high spec and 1.8 litre premium
  • Six-speed for both manual and automatic gearbox
  • Auto headlamps
  • Smart key with push start button ignition
  • Supervision meter cluster (self-illuminated)
  • GPS navigation
  • Reverse camera
  • ABS, ESP and Vehicle Stability Management
  • Dual airbags
  • iPod and USB support
  • 5 year or 300,000km warranty

The images posted on Mudah also show an Inokom badge on the car instead of a Hyundai badge. So far there are two price ranges indicated on the classifieds ads – about RM85k to RM90k and another price range of about RM120k. This probably means the 1.6 litre models will be around the RM85k to RM95k mark, while the 1.8 litre while be around RM120k+. UPDATE: It appears that all the ads advertising the high spec Elantra for over RM100k have gone missing from Mudah – what’s going on?

You might be wondering what Vehicle Stability Management is. It’s basically a system that manages the ESP stability control system as well as the electric power steering to take the car’s safety assist systems to a higher level. For example, when a driver accelerates or brakes on a split-traction surface (slippery wet puddle on one side, dry pavement on the other), your steering will normally pull to one direction.

VSM detects this condition via the ESP system, and sends a signal to the electric power steering to apply steering assist – up to 8Nm of counter steering force to keep the vehicle steady; VSM works the same way during sudden lane changes or fast cornering.

Once again, these are just specs and pricing taken from salesmen ads on, and are in no way the confirmed specs released by Hyundai Sime Darby Motors. And of course, it’s likely that some of the features above, like the auto headlamps, GPS and reverse camera would most likely be reserved only for the 1.8 litre variant.

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