The Triton VGT has appeared on Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia’s website, with specs and price. This “Hardcore” Triton comes after the Pajero Sport SUV got the VGT treatment last September. VGT stands for Variable Geometry Turbo, which is more efficient than the fixed geometry type.

The VGT diesel engine is essentially the same 2.5 litre DOHC 16-valve direct injection unit we’re familiar with, but fortified with VGT and new engine management. From 136 PS and 314 Nm, the figures now read 178 PS at 4,000 rpm and 350 Nm of torque from 1,800 to 3,500 rpm.

Apart from the 42 PS and 36 Nm advantage, max torque is now available across a broad range (MMM calls it flat torque), as opposed to the fixed 2,000 rpm point of old. Drivability should be much improved as a result.

With 178 PS, MMM is claiming the “most powerful in its class” title from the 174 PS Nissan Navara. In fact, the Triton VGT’s figures shadow the discontinued Triton 3.2’s 160 PS/343 Nm, making the bigger capacity truck redundant.

It’s not just the engine that’s new, but its drivetrain partner as well. Out goes the four-speed auto and in comes a five-speed automatic gearbox with Sports Mode. The option to select gears manually is unique in the segment, for now. No stick shift VGT available here.

Looks-wise, the Triton VGT gets a front bumper extender, matte black roll bar and 17-inch alloy wheels. Inside, you’ll find a Bluetooth and iPod compatible Kenwood head unit and auto climate control. Front corner sensors with display visual join the rear ones to aid parking.

Dual airbags, ABS/EBD and the multi info RV meter (range, average speed, fuel consumption, digital compass, barometer, altimeter and outside temperature) are standard. Click on the pic below to enlarge the equipment list.

Available in three colours – White Solid, Black Mica and Cool Silver Metallic – the imported-from-Thailand Triton VGT is priced at RM105,997 on-the-road, inclusive of insurance. By the way, the Triton VGT is not a replacement for the non-VGT Triton – both will be sold by MMM alongside the Triton Lite.

A test drive report will be coming soon, stay tuned!