A tiny car making big waves in USA? One with a brand most Americans never heard of? Yes, Chrysler has stopped taking orders for the 2012 Fiat 500 Abarth in just over a month after the first units arrived in US showrooms.

Some dealers might still have stock, but those who place orders now will be put on a waiting list for the 2013 model, which will ship this fall.

The hottest 500 went on sale in the US in late April. By then, the company already had cash deposits from more than a thousand customers — about as many as it had originally planned to build in 2012, according to The Detroit News. Fiat then upped production to about 3,000 units at the Toluca plant, which is maximum capacity at the Mexican factory.

Most Americans had never heard the name “Abarth” before the brand with the scorpion logo aired a steamy Super Bowl ad featuring Romanian supermodel Catrinel Menghia. Demand also shot through the roof following rave reviews by top auto publications. Fiat sales were up by a whopping 432% in the USA last month, according to Chrysler.

“I put my deposit down back in March and I found out today that I’m being bumped to the 2013 build batch and now have to wait until mid-September,” one disappointed punter wrote on an enthusiast website.

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