Volkswagen has refreshed its Gol model, which is the best selling car in South America. This is the fifth generation Gol based on the Mk4 Polo platform, facelifted with a new look also seen on the current Polo. With the new face, the Gol looks contemporary as a basic car although the Gol Voyage sedan does remind us a bit of the Proton Saga BLM.

The Gol is very basic inside, which is entirely expected for a basic “people’s car”, although it may be a strange view for the majority of Malaysians who consider Volkswagen as a premium brand. The Gol’s steering wheel and meter cluster design will be familiar to VW owners, but it comes with stick shift, manual air con, fabric seats and a basic radio.

The facelifted Gol adds on a bi-fuel 1.0-litre engine which makes 72 hp when using petrol and 76 hp when filled with ethanol, which is big in South America. With ethanol, the Gol 1.0 does 0-100 km/h in 12.9 seconds on to a 165 km/h top speed.

I quite like the back-to-basics, utilitarian nature of cars like the Gol, at basic prices of course!