It’s Friday; time to let your hair down. So let’s kick off the weekend (never too early to start) with four videos by Volkswagen. All four are TVCs and as we all know, Volkswagen don’t do boring ads, so this will prove interesting.

The concept is simple – pit a fast Volkswagen against a talent that has to perform one task before the car completes a lap around a track. The take back message here is that you cannot beat the speed and agility of a Volkswagen.

In the first video, you’ll see the Golf R go against Speed Rubik’s Anthony Brooks. The second pits the Jetta GLI against speed guitarist John Taylor. A Golf GTI thumps to the beat with speed beat boxer J-FLO. And lastly, we see if the Jetta GLI can ‘out-chat’ speed talker Fran Capo.