Here are the official images of Honda’s all-new D-segment contender, and according to Honda this generation is ‘the most sculpted and the most dynamic” Accord yet.

This is the US market version of the Accord, which is the larger of the two Accords available in different parts of the world. This one is what we’ve traditionally gotten in Malaysia for the last two generations – the other Accord is the smaller, sportier bodied version available in Europe. Some countries, like Australia, get both models.

We only have these front- and rear three-quarter shots of the car, but according to Honda, the exterior length of the car has been shortened.

Hopefully, this doesn’t mean the wheelbase has been shortened as well, like in the case of the new Civic FB versus the FD it replaced, as longer wheelbases usually mean better interior space comfort. The current 8th generation Accord’s 2,800mm wheelbase is one of the longer ones in its class.

You’lll also find in the gallery below two images of a blue new generation Accord Coupe, but that won’t be launched in Malaysia, of course.