Here’s proof that when you set your heart to complete something, it will get done on time. As mentioned in our earlier post, Masuoka-san misjudged a corner and sent the i-MiEV Evolution into the ditch, which practically destroyed the front of the vehicle.

Today, the car is all fixed up and ready for a shakedown on a small road course within the Pikes Peak International Raceway. The car looks as good as new, a testament to the dedication of the team for sure. But will be drive just as well?

After preliminary checks and tyre change, Masuoka jumps into the racecar and guns the electric motor, it is quiet. A contrast to the fuel guzzling NASCAR racers that are lapping on track, which are supremely noisy.

Without a lap done, Masuoka decides to drive back to the mechanics that quickly proceed to tweak the tyre pressure further. Second stint and this is a longer one.

He put the car through its paces, testing its handling, acceleration and brakes. The more laps he tucks away, the faster his pace becomes. No roar of the engine but just a silent, mechanical whirr of the motor and the squeal of the brakes to accompany his speed.

From our point of view, the i-MiEV Evolution is showing plenty of promise. The entire car looks fleet of foot and tight around the corners. If you want to know how the car looks like in action, just imagine a go-kart with an electric engine (now there’s an idea). Or you can follow this link to Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia’s Facebook page where a small clip awaits your viewing pleasure.